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Important Notice

In order to be a credentialed delegate at the convention, in addition to being a member of the Libertarian Party of North Carolina per our bylaws, we need your full contact information including email and phone number. Thank you!

Order of Events

Bask in the company of fellow libertarians from across North Carolina and prepare yourself to share the vision of a society built on voluntary relationships with all of our fellow citizens and to bring that dream to fruition.

Arrive on Friday Night for a stay at The Lake Lure Inn; a classic 90 year old, and freshly renovated, hotel with panoramic views of the lake and the mountains of Western North Carolina. On Saturday, feast on a luncheon of fried chicken and pulled pork at and a beautiful Italian Buffet for dinner.

Be inspired as John Sophocleus shares the story of his court battles to defend our rights of property against abuses of the power of eminent domain by the Alabama Department of Transportation.

Learn how to run effective political campaigns from Dena Espenscheid from the Leadership Institute.

Listen as Larry Sharpe shares his insight into how Libertarians can grow our local and state chapters by helping our fellow citizens understand the advantages afforded to them by a society anchored in free exchange and voluntary relationships.

Participate in revising our by-laws and electing the officers to lead the party forward in the year ahead.

Plan now to meet with libertarian friends from across North Carolina for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina’s 2017 Convention at The Lake Lure Inn and Spa!

Plan to arrive in Lake Lure as early as you can and enjoy the natural beauty of the mountains and streams of Western North Carolina.

Pause at a roadside stand in nearby BAT CAVE and sip some apple cider. Grab a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone in Chimney Rock and slip behind the storefronts to sit on a boulder and enjoy your treat as the river rushes around you. Stop by the new micro-brewery and sample a uniquely crafted beer.

Arriving later? Not a problem! Once you’ve picked up your keys and dropped your luggage off in your room, head back to the freshly renovated lobby for dinner on the Veranda or share a drink with friends, old and new, in The Moose and Goose Lounge. Reflect on the year past and resolve to make more progress in the year to come.

Let’s not stay up TOO LATE… We’ve got work to do in the morning!

Awake to beautiful views of Lake Lure and the mountains. Take a good stretch and its time to shower (and shave, if you need to) and head downstairs for a hot Southern Breakfast with Yogurts, Scrambled Eggs, Oven Roasted Bacon, Roasted Home Potatoes, Cheese Grits and Biscuits with Gravy, Orange Juice …and Plenty of COFFEE, of course!!

Make sure you’re registered for the Convention and pick up your credentials. The business of the Convention begins at 9:00.

This morning we’ll be reviewing the by-laws for the Libertarian Party of North Carolina. These rules cover everything from the NAME of the Party (Yep!, that could change! “Purple People Eaters Party” anyone?!) …to the PURPOSE of the Party… to the requirements for MEMBERSHIP in the Party …to how we choose our OFFICERS and… well, the list goes on! You’ll want to take the time to read the by-laws before you get here and doing that is as simple as clicking this link - View LPNC By-Laws!

There might be a few arguments this morning. But that’s no problem - LIBERTARIANS LOVE TO DEBATE!

You can work up quite an appetite with all of the business of the by-laws… and let’s hope that you do! Because now its time for LUNCH and do we have a lunch planned for you?! You bet!

Grab yourself a plate and hit the Down Home Buffet line. There’ll be Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Macaroni & Cheese and Texas Toast and more - PLUS cakes and pies for DESSERT. You won’t go hungry!

Sit down at a table with old friends or, perhaps better yet, friends you’ve never met before and lend an ear as John Sophocleus shares the story of his fight with the Alabama Department of Transportation. We talk a lot about the importance of being able to carry a concealed weapon. Today, John will share with us the necessity of “BEING A CONCEALED WEAPON.”

There’s another surprise planned after lunch… but if I TOLD you what that was it WOULDN’T be a SURPRISE, now, would it?!

Now its time for a tough decision: do you want to hear Larry Sharpe share his thoughts on HOW TO GROW THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY OF NORTH CAROLINA? …Or do you want to learn HOW TO RUN AN EFFECTIVE POLITICAL CAMPAIGN from Dena Espenscheid of the Leadership Institute? Flip a coin - We need people who know how to do BOTH!"

It’s time to put the PARTY in the “Libertarian Party of North Carolina!"

You’ll be hungry again by now, so let’s head to the banquet hall for the GALA DINNER with Larry Sharpe as our Master of Ceremonies complete with an Italian Buffet complete of Caesar Salad, Sliced Roasted Beef in Merlot-Infused Gravy, Baked Chicken Breast with Sun-Dried Tomato and Italian Herb-Cream Sauce, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Steamed Carrots and Green Beans, Freshly Baked Rolls with Butter ...and don’t forget DESSERT!

When dinner is over, the night is just getting started and its time to head for the lake!

Head over to the Marina for a Sunset Cruise on Lake Lure. *

And, when the sun goes down, we’ll all get together for a Bonfire Party on the beach with live music from Western North Carolina’s regional artist of the year, Ashley Heath!

Had a little “too much fun?" Go ahead and take an aspirin and drink some non-citrus fruit juice… maybe even a small cup of coffee… BEFORE you head to bed! Think of it as an ounce of prevention for that hangover you might (otherwise) have in the morning. We’ve still got work to do in the morning!

* (Tickets for the Sunset Cruise are optional $15.00 additional charge.)

Wake up sleepy heads! Jump in the shower (maybe a cold one this morning!) and head downstairs. A Continental Breakfast - complete with Fresh Fruit and Raspberry Sour Cream Dip, Yogurts, Freshly Baked Pastries served with Butter and Preserves, Orange Juice …and COFFEE (of course)!

Be sure to make it back to the Convention Hall by 9:00. Its time to nominate and elect our officers and choose all the good folks who will Executive Committee for the year to come.

When we’ve concluded this morning’s business, the Convention is done. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean you have to leave too quickly. If you’ve worked up an appetite, you can grab lunch on the Veranda and break bread with some libertarian friends one more time before you leave the hotel.

And on your way out, you might want to take the time to stop for a hike in nearby Chimney Rock for some of the best views in Western North Carolina.

Then you’ll be back on the road, relaxed by a weekend in the mountains, satisfied that you’ve done your part to help the party move forward and prepared to return home and continue spreading liberty to your particular corner of North Carolina.

Convention Highlights

  • Hear Great Speakers
  • Spend Time with Libertarians
  • Participate in Electing Officers
  • Revise the Party's By-Laws
lake lure inn & spalake lure inn & spa