Introduction to Campaign Management

Saturday at 2 p.m.

This series of sessions presented by the Leadership Institute will give attendees a foundation in bare bones politics. To win an election candidates need votes, not just ideas. These sessions will discuss how to set vote goals (it’s math – you have been warned), how to identify swing districts, GOTV, and the importance of absentee and early voting.

Skydiving and politics are similar. You have to have a plan, proper resources, good instructions, and clear communications. When everything goes right, it is smooth sailing throughout the process. When something goes wrong, it can be disastrous. Dena Espenscheid survived her brush with death after falling out of an airplane, and now applies the principles she learned to her professional life in politics.

Dena Espenscheid has 24 years of experience in grassroots activism and politics. She has held a variety of positions in public policy organizations, advertising agencies, and political campaigns. Her professional placements include: Coalition for a Strong America, National Ballot Access, American Majority, Open and Clean Government, and the National Abstinence Clearinghouse.

Endorsement by JJ Summerell

Having Dena Espenscheid, Director of Grassroots Coalitions at the Leadership Institute, is an excellent opportunity for attendees to understand what is involved in putting together a campaign plan, developing a strategy to implement that plan and how to identify and communicate with targeted demographics. I encourage you to attend the 2017 LPNC convention for this presentation alone.

Dena Espenscheid

Espenscheid is well-versed in public policy, political communications, grassroots lobbying, and planning and executing political campaign strategies. Her specialties include training grassroots activists, ballot access, and volunteer management.

Much of her work has been focused on grassroots organizing, and she often acts as a trainer for the volunteers whom she was directing. She has extensive volunteer or paid experience on campaigns at the campus, city, district, statewide, and presidential levels.

Dena is a graduate of Thomas More College in Northern Kentucky. She is the Director of Grassroots Coalitions for the Leadership Institute. She lives in Quantico, Virginia.

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