Growing Local

Saturday at 2 p.m.

As a Sales Coach and Consultant with Neo-Sage Group Inc in New York, Larry focuses on teaching sales people how to direct their customer’s attention on what they will get (rather than merely what the sales person’s company offers) and on the importance of identifying the emotional factors which drive a client in order to determine the logical conversation most likely to persuade them to buy.

In this workshop, Larry will share his insights into how we can use these same skills to help grown the Libertarian Party of North Carolina by helping our fellow citizens in each of our local communities understand the advantages a society grounded in voluntary relationships would afford to them.

Larry provides executive coaching, management consulting and training for professionals in many industries including: finance, technology, media, real estate, luxury and healthcare. He has coached and trained hundreds of entrepreneurs, executives, sales people and customer service reps from dozens of companies all over the United States. He is also a professional speaker and has spoken at dozens of venues to a wide variety of audiences. This workshop will provide you with invaluable insight and tools for every libertarian to grow the Libertarian Party!

He is:

  • a Guest Instructor at Columbia’s Graduate School of Business
  • a Guest Instructor at Yale University School of Management
  • an Instructor for Baruch College’s Continuing & Professional Studies department

Larry Sharpe

Larry Sharpe is a rising star within the Libertarian Party... Most Libertarians will remember Larry Sharpe as the candidate who lost a bid to serve as the Libertarian Party’s candidate for 2016 by a very narrow margin to Bill Weld at the Convention in Orlando. Few Libertarians, however, could likely begin to appreciate the extraordinarily difficult beginnings from which the successful and enthusiastic character they behold in Larry today has emerged.

Born of bi-racial parents in the 1960’s when such relationships were frowned upon; Larry was adopted by a German mother and a father who, though he gave Larry his surname, would die within two years of that adoption. Larry’s mother then married another man whom Larry came to know far more intimately as his father, only to watch him die of cancer when Larry was eleven years old.

Wishing to find positive role models in the hopes of becoming a man and being capable of providing for himself and his family; Larry joined the Marines at the age of 17. Stricken with grief by Larry’s departure (after having lost two husbands), Larry’s mother sought refuge from her emotional distress, first, in prescription drugs and, ultimately in prohibited medications. Ultimately, this led to her arrest and conviction as a “felon”. As a consequence of this conviction, Larry’s mother would struggle to find employment for the rest of her life.

On his return home from his service in the Marine Corps, Larry struggled to help his mother forge a new life and would eventually help her to establish her own business. Initially struggling to find gainful employment himself, Larry first pursued a career in sales. Though Larry struggled as a salesman, himself, he understood clearly why he found sales difficult and was then able to use that insight to forge his subsequent career in training others how to sell. Having built a successful business only to watch it fail after the crash of 2008; Larry has subsequently built a new and thriving business, Neo-Sage, which offers training in Sales and Marketing today.

Larry regards his greatest sale ever as the year during which he courted and then married the woman he had most admired and cherished in high school. They now live in New York with their two daughters. From the challenges and disadvantages that Larry and his family have faced throughout the course of his life, Larry is firmly devoted to the idea that, as a society, we should strive to have a culture which offers people second chances. And Larry is firmly convinced that the Libertarian Party is the only party which truly offers a vision that supports such second chances.

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